Top 07 Best Part Time Jobs Work From Home

Top 07 Best Part Time Jobs Work From Home

Top 07 Best Part Time Jobs Work From Home

Top 07 Best Part Time Jobs Work From Home: Nowadays people are opting for part-time work from home job for various reasons. Some due to additional work, others to care for their loved ones, or to complete a degree or certification. Would you like to work from home without working all day? – Here comes a great opportunity to work from home. People these days dream of this kind of job opportunity, but very few can fulfill it.

If you are looking for a part time work, whatever your reasons, we have put together a list of top 07 best part time jobs work from home. Whether you are looking for a part time job from home to make some extra income, this list is for you.

Why Work Part Time?

There are a part time jobs in almost every industry. Basically, these types of job requires less than 35 hours of work per week. Most of these part time jobs do not require a college degree, and even students can also do these jobs. In a part-time job, you may be able to work remotely, have a flexible schedule, and in some cases, even get vacation time.

What Kind of Work Can I Do Online?

If you are wondering what kind of work from home jobs there are, you might be surprised by the variety of work that you can do remotely. There are some work from home jobs including online teaching jobs, sales jobs, etc for college students. There are many companies that hire candidates remotely. Therefore, you should check on various job portals including linkedin,, etc. In addition, you can search keywords like “work-from-home” in the search bar.

How Can I Work From Home As A Student?

Working from home as a student can be a rewarding way to ear some extra income, gain valuable experience, and develop skills. You actually have several options such as you can be a freelance writer, photographer, content writer, etc. There are some freelancing platform like fiverr, upwork from where one can earn some extra money as a student.

Top 07 Best Part Time Jobs Work From Home

There are various part time work from home jobs available across various industries. However, the best option depends upon o your skills & experiences. Here we have covered a list of top 07 best part time jobs work from home.

01. Online Tutor

If you are an intelligent student in your college life, definitely a job of an online tutor can be the best option for you. You can choose whatever subject that you have good knowledge, and use your time to help other students. In addition, you can tutor in extracurricular activities like teaching an instrument or online art.

02. Content Writing

If you have writing skills, you can definitely go with freelancing content writing jobs. There are some of the popular freelancing platforms such as fiverr, upwork where you can create your gigs, and earn money.

03. Data Entry Jobs

If you are good at typing, you can do data entry job from home. Basically, data entry is a process of updating records in a database. This jobs can be a good way to earn extra money.

04. Social Media Manager

In the digital world, you have the skills to share likes and comments, you can get paid to manage company’s social media accounts as a social media manager. They are the face of a brand’s digital presence across platforms, and therefore, you’ll be in charge of promoting deals and content. A social media manager charge $25 per hour on average.

05. Computer Programmer

A programmer ensures that an application or software runs correctly by writing code for new software and creating features in existing software. They also fix bugs in a code. There are some companies that hire part time programmers, therefore you can do this job remotely.

06. Transcriptionist

If you are a fast and accurate typist, transcriptionist can be one of the best part time jobs work from home. They listen to audio recordings and write dialogues. Transcription is common in the medical and legal fields for various task such as writing down court proceedings, creating captions for YouTube videos, etc.

07. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant with organizations is a great way for anyone to make money from home. Basically, companies hire virtual assistant because they are more affordable than in house assistants, and do not require office space. According to Glassdoor, virtual assistant earns slightly  more than $26000 per year for full time hours.

08. Nursing Tutor

If you have done your 4-year BSc Nursing or any certified nursing course, you can apply for nursing tutor. There are lots of nursing institutes that require nursing teacher. Therefore, it can be a great opportunity for you. In addition, the salary of ANM Nurse’s is very high.


College is a financially difficult time for many students. Therefore, working during college life is an effective way to reduce the student loan you take on or even avoid it altogether. There are many jobs that pay better than homework and do not conflict with academic work. Depending on your skills, some jobs may suit you better than others.

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